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BSA Answers


1.    Does the program have a history? Where are the program’s players advancing to? BSA has been involved in youth travel soccer for 35 years. Within BSA we have 25 teams with many playing elite levels. Presently (2018) we have 8 EDP teams.

BSA Galaxy and Hotspurs make State Cup finals!(Fall 2014)


2.    Does the Program develop players? or have a huge player turn over? Is it really a developmental program? BSA retains over 90% of its members each year and in the past few years has added teams.


3.    What are the Director’s qualifications and experience? How long has he/she been educating children in the game? Here is a bio an our DOC (SEE HERE)


4.    Is there a curriculum/threshold/long term club plan? Ask to see it? BSA club Threshold (SEE HERE)


5.    What size are the team’s roster? Do you want your child on a team with too many players? BSA ideal roster sizes: 11 to 13 players(small sided) or 15-17 players(larger sided)



6.    Does the club experience high turnover with its staff? Does it change every year or do they have a staff that is loyal and helping the program grow? How do those coaches conduct themselves in practices and on the sideline, this is usually a result of the clubs philosophy and education practices? Trainer Bios and years with BSA (SEE HERE)